Friday, April 4, 2014

Monarch LOVE

we spied the whole Monarch Butterfly lifecycle at our Butterfly Park this week 

 It's the little things like this that make my happy!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

commissioned work:custom croquet set

The last month or so I've before turning a vintage croquet set in to a beautiful new set for a bride. It was fun to dive into a project.

Available here: 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Art

I've been working a project for the last few weeks and I'm finally done.  Here's how it all started.  I have two talented young friends and also occasional babysitters that are both going to college to study in the art field. One wants to teach art and the other is a film maker.  Every Monday they get up and head out to our beach at sunrise and go surfing.  They capture the beauty of the surf on a Go Pro.  Then, they let the world have a peek via Instagram.  I drooled over the  beautiful photos.  One particular photo caught my eye and I really wanted to have it printed on canvas and hung in our bedroom. Because of the resolution, I couldn't make this happen, so I decided to paint the scene.

Here's the original photo

I just love how the beauty of nature, all my favorite colors collided in this moment and these two girls captured it.
Here is my first run through,  My first layer.

My second round, adding more.
The finished piece.
This is my husbands Christmas gift.  It's the biggest painting I ever done.  I can't wit to get it professionally framed.  

Monday, January 13, 2014

Joshua Tree Jan 2014

As the kids get older it's harder to pull them out of school to go camping. We waited a long time to hit the road this school year. We finally made it to Joshua Tree over break.  We camped 4 wonderful days in the park exploring all the interesting rock formations and trails. We had so much fun hiking everyday.  The kids can do anything we can do.  A milestone for us.  It was hard to keep up with them.   Here are a few photos of this magical place.
My daughter enjoying the sunset

the sunsets make the landscape more beautiful

the view on top of Ryan Mountain looking west

the view looking east

top of the mountain

This was our first time doing this hike, we will do it again next time too.

This is the best place in the park to see everything

It was a 1.5 miles straight up.

On top of Ryan Mountain, you can see all the way to the Salten Sea.

The sunset from our camp site in Jumbo Rocks.

These are the rock formation up close, we boulder over them all day.

The Joshua Trees are beautiful.

We free styled it up this little mountain to view the sunset one night.

We've been to Joshua Tree National Park over a dozen times, we love it here.

The rock on top of this mountain was about a 15 minutes from where we camped.  We thought it would be nice to climb up there and watch the sunset in the valley.  We were right!

Every night the sky gives us a new show.
Wow, amazing, spectacular!

Hello Moon!

The moon was so beautiful.

A trail.

We found a nice place to climb a tree.

We hadn't seen this formation since the kids were really small.,  It was fun showing the kids again.

the trail up Ryan Mountain
I hope you enjoyed my little tour.  

Friday, December 13, 2013

Night and Day

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We have a sparkly gold and silver theme going on. I love it. Our new snow flake led lights I picked up at Ikea last week pull the whole thing together.



This is my favorite room right now.  It's warm and cozy.  Almost every night, we've had a fire  in our fireplace, we sit  and watch christmas movies together.   

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Some New Art- Shrinky DInks Framed

I was asked to help out with a classroom art project that would be auctioned off at a school event.  So I hit up Pinterest and came up with a cool idea.

This is a screen shot of the image from Pinterest.  There was no website to link it too.  I just figured it was done with Shrinky Dinks.  

Here's the shapes the class made.

 I brought in plastic cups with different in diameters for them to trace circles.  Then,  the kids colored the plastic Shrinky Dinks with colored Sharpy Markers.  Lastly, the kids cut out the shapes.

These were fifth graders, so they did an excellent job.

Here's the final Classroom Art Project.
 My Mother in Law really liked the finished project and was bummed she didn't win the art at the auction.  So, another idea was hatched.  At Thanksgiving, I brought over all the supplies and together as a family we all made shapes.  I love the idea of everyone being involved.  Here's the final project.

Here it is on the wall.

Finding the right order to place all the shapes is part of the process, I wanted it to be symmetrical

CLose UP

a corner, there's no place like OM

Because this was for Gram, lot's of Love was put into it!

I sorted it by color to make the piece balanced.

The center was hearts, lovely!

And the finished piece.  
(ha, I just realized all the photos are upside down, sorry)

 The frame is a Ribba from Ikea.
I'm so happy withe results.